29 January 2007 - 11:36 p.m.

So, like, a YEAR ago, John's crazy girlfriend somehow found out about his online relationship that he'd had with a friend of mine behind her (the gf's) back. (If you don't know who John is, don't worry--I haven't even mentioned him in months, although he'd love to tell you otherwise.) She took it upon herself to e-mail my friend and tell her to "stay away" from John, even though my friend hadn't talked to John in months. Why the girlfriend didn't just trust John to extricate himself from the situation, I don't know.

Now, this friend and I became friends because John was going behind both of our backs with the other. John also cheated on his gf (now his fiancée--yes she actually agreed to marry him after all this) with me, and the gf knew this as well. John PAID for me to go back home to visit him and stay in his apartment. This whole while he's telling me and my friend that he and the gf had broken up.

After the whole mess, the girlfriend decides that John "made a mistake" and had changed his ways. Decided to stay with him blah, blah whatever. The other girl and I are still very good friends, and we had put the whole stupid thing behind us. Unfortunately, the girlfriend hasn't.

She visits my diary many times a week, viewing 10+ pages every time she comes (this morning it was 18). She also visits my friend's diary, and has even gone to my MySpace. While I don't really care if she reads my diary, the whole 18 page views per visit is suspicious to me (not to mention psycho) so I locked my diary. I unlocked it a week or two ago, and she's back. So I'm moving. I'm tired of her and I tried to get her boyfriend to have a talk with her to boost her confidence since she is obviously lacking (this was back in April that everything went down, and she's STILL obsessing), but he somehow sees nothing wrong with her stalking me. He claims that my friend and I mention him in our diaries "out of nowhere", which is completely absurd and illustrates his unwarranted and demented sense of self-importance. Even if we did mention his pathetic ass, what the fuck do they care?!

Soooo anyway I'll be moving. I know there are people out there reading who never say hi and that's ok, but if you want to know where I'm going you're going to have to ask. :) warm.wild.eyes @ gmail or leave me a note if you're a Dlander.

Edit 2/15/2007: Even though this page has been up for the past 2 weeks, she still keeps coming back. Amazing.

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